Good packaging prevents errors/damage. Pickrr offers guidelines about how your product should be packaged when you send them to Pickrr .

In this article, you will how to prepare your consignment before sending it to Pickrr. Preparing your inward consignment properly ensures:

  • There are no delays in receiving the inward consignment.

  • There are minimal errors while receiving inventory.

Step 1: Prepare your products

Preparation needs to ensure that products are packed and labelled properly. Labelling allows Pickrr to easily identify products and proper packaging ensures that the products are in good condition. Make sure you follow the below checklist while preparing your products:

Labelling products

  • Each product must have been labelled.

  • Each label must have a scannable barcode.

  • Each label should have one scannable barcode. In case your products have multiple barcodes, make sure the product is configured with all the barcodes to avoid multiple scans.

  • Product labels should be clearly visible on the exterior of the packaging material.

  • Product labels must be in compliance with the Indian metrology act.

  • Make sure the labels are printed, not handwritten.

  • Make sure the label is properly sealed to the packaging material.

Packaging individual products

  • Make sure products are packed properly to avoid damages during transit.

  • If there are multiple components of your product, make sure each component is packed separately.

  • Boxes should be six-sided and should be able to withhold medium pressure applied to any of the sides. Additionally, there shouldn’t be any openings on your package that can allow your products to slip out.

  • Make sure you include silica gel in the packaging for products sensitive to moisture.

  • If any plastic packaging is used, make sure it is compliant with state laws.

  • If pouches are used to pack smaller sized products, make sure the barcode is present on the exterior of the pouch and the product description label is attached on the side with the greatest surface area.

Step 2: Pack your inventory

Packing your inventory properly will ensure that your products reach Pickrr fulfilment centres in good condition. Make sure you follow the below checklist while packing your inventory:

Packaging of multiple units in cartons (master boxes)

  • Cartons (master boxes) are large, protective boxes that carry multiple smaller boxes

  • A carton should include units from one consignment only.

  • The packaging must be able to protect your products from damages during transit and receiving.

  • Make sure you don't send products in boxes made of weak materials such as poor quality cardboard.

  • If sending multiple items within a single box, make sure items are well separated from one another and each one is packed individually.

  • You can also use the box in the box method while packaging. This method uses an outer box to offer additional protection. It is useful for the transportation of more fragile items. Both the outer and inner box needs to be prepared in adherence to Pickrr guidelines.

  • Make sure empty spaces in the box are completely filled using filler materials. This is used to avoid the movement of items within the boxes during transit.

  • Each carton needs to be sealed.

  • Oversized cartons (cartons weighing more than 50kgs) should be packed sufficiently to withhold pressure applied during handling. Oversized cartons should have a special handling label. Cartons should not exceed 31inch X 19inch X 13inch.

  • Special Handling Label: Make sure special handling labels such as fragile, this way up, and more are attached to the packaging wherever required. These labels should be large, brightly coloured, and positioned in multiple locations.

Labelling cartons

  • Each carton should have a label to identify its contents.

  • Make sure the label conveys the following information as shown in the diagram below:

  1. Consignment number This is generated when an inward consignment is created. It is the reference number for various documents sent along with the inventory such as invoices and stock transfer note. Additionally, the label must include a unique box number for each carton in the consignment. The box numbers need to mentioned in the inward consignment template to reconcile inventory in case of shortages. The box number needs to be printed along with the total number of boxes — For example, Box 1 of 4

  2. From: This should include the company name and address from where inventory is being transferred.

  3. To: This should include the address of the Pikcrr fulfilment centre where you are sending inventory.

  4. Other Info: This should include the weight of the box. Pickrr will weigh the cartons on receiving and highlight any discrepancies in weight to identify inventory leakages during transit.

  • Make sure the label is clearly visible on the exterior of the box.

  • If you are reusing boxes, remove or cover any existing labels.

  • Place a spare label inside the package. This will help Pickrr identify your items if the original label becomes detached or damaged.

  • The label must be white and the font size on the label should be greater than 12pt. The minimum label size must be 4” x 6” (10cm x 15cm).

Terms & Conditions.

1)  PO Copy to be attached with invoice

2) Delivery Timings - 9.30 am to 4pm. (Monday to Sat with prior appointment)

3) Freight charges to be borne by the vendor, (if any)

4) One PO to have one invoice copy.

5) Any damage / expiry should be accepted by the vendor. Pickrr should not bear the loss. (We will intimate the same within 7 to 10 days of receiving the same as per record date at the warehouse and not the invoice date or dispatch date as per the vendor.) Vendors who courier us the goods will be at their sole responsibility.

6) All the products should have a proper MRP and SKU (bar codes). 

7) Please provide RTV address & contact person to ensure products are returned on a timely manner

8) Please ensure that right HSN code is mentioned in the invoice and appropriate tax is charged as per law