Follow the steps below to configure your Pickrr account with the Woocommerce store:


Step 1: 

Go to Manage Channel ->  Add New Channel -> Select Woocommerce

You will be redirected to the General Information page.

Step 2 - 

Next, you’ll be taken to a page within WooCommerce where you’ll need to approve the permissions required for Pickrr to operate. Here, you must click “Approve”.


Step 3 - 

Once you approve the connection, you will be redirected to the above Pickrr panel. 


Step 4 - 

Move further and update the order status (s) that you want to pull in Pickrr.


Step 5 - 

Note: Please ensure to enable REST API in your WooCommerce plugin. 

To do so, go to your WordPress admin account, locate the WooCommerce section, click Settings, API and make sure the option “Enable the REST API” is checked. If you don’t have an API tab, you must upgrade your WooCommerce plugin.