Single Order Placement :

To begin with, select the order and shipment type as per your requirements from multiple categories available:

  1. Order Type 

    • Forward Shipment : From Sellers’ warehouse to customer’s location

    • Reverse Shipment : From customer’s location back to sellers’ warehouse.

  1. Shipment Type : 

    • Express - This denotes weight slabs of 500 gms and 1kg, the shipment can be sent via air or surface depending on the courier selection.

    • Heavy Surface - This denotes weight slabs of 2 kg and above, the shipment can be sent via air or surface depending on the courier selection.

    • Dangerous Goods - 

    • Multi Package Service - Multiple shipments within a single order

In the next section, enter the customer details and ensure that the details entered here are correct and complete for smooth order processing. 

Moving forward, fill in the required order details including Item’s dimensions and weight of the final package, SKU (Stock Keeping Units), Price, quantity etc. to place the order.

All fields are not mandatory here, add the details which are specific per order. Also, here the payment option can be mentioned as per your preference- Prepaid or COD. Once all the above details are entered, choose the pick up location of the order placed. 

The last and the final page in the order placement journey is the review page where all the details added in previous steps can be reviewed and edited using the edit option available at the top-right corner of every section. 

Once you are sure that all the details are correct and complete, proceed and place the order.

Bulk Order Placement :

For bulk order placement, upload multiple order details using the sample CSV file format available with all the tabs in place bulk order screen. For Express and Heavy shipments separate CSV files have to be uploaded.

Here, you have an option to select a specific courier company, if you do not wish to go as per your pre-set priority list. Then upload the CSV file and enter the email address where you would want to receive the updates for the placed orders.

Once you are sure that you have entered all the required details, validate and place the order.