Pickrr shipment statuses are 10 in total as mentioned below:


  1. Placed
  2. Manifested
  3. Cancelled
  4. Picked up
  5. In-Transit 
  6. Out for Delivery
  7. Delivered
  8. Non-Delivery Report (NDR)
  9. Return To Origin (RTO)
  10. Return To Destination (RTD)

Pickrr shipment terminologies:

Placed- When an order is placed on seller’s website and the Tracking ID is assigned to the order

Manifested- Label downloaded for a particular order

Cancelled - When an order is no longer required to be processed or sent to the end consignee, the order is cancelled and is moved to cancelled status

Picked up- Any shipment which has been picked by the field executive from your warehouse/pick up location after scanning the shipping label

In-Transit - Dispatched for destination city

Out for Delivery- Shipment collected by Delivery partner and shall be delivered to the consignee.

Delivered- When an order has reached the destination address and accepted by the end consignee.


A Non-Delivery Report or NDR is a receipt which shows you the orders which were not delivered and the reason for their non-delivery. To process an NDR, you need to respond to the raised NDR with “Reattempt” or “RTO” (as per the situation) along with the appropriate remarks.

RTO or Return to Origin, when an order is marked as undelivered after several attempts (min. 3), it is sent back to the pickup location.


RTD or Return To Destination wherein the order is delivered back to the seller.